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What's the issue with the follower/-ing numbers across the #Mastodon #instances?

(Asking mostly for my understanding / perspective, not assuming that this is something new or unknown.)

Check these screenshots from the same account ( @dominicduffin1 ) taken with just a few minutes separation..:

(THIS toot is LONGER than the normal #Mastodon limitation of 500 characters. operates with a limit of 1024 for toots and 512 instead of 160 for the account description field. With this toot I am testing how going beyond the 500 limit will appear on other instances.)

* #F4IA ..: In my #introductions toot, I refer to a half-serious, half-fun #acronym that I started using over at Twitter some time ago in an attempt to both ridicule the HYPE about the current level of #ArtificialIntelligence (#AI / A.I.), and to perhaps establish some traceable discussions about the challenge of finding an alternative term that specifically deal with the current/realistic level of A.I.

So, I jokingly coined "Finally-Flexible-Features-For-Increased-Automation" as #F4IA which I am using in addition to #AI whenever it is suitable to make a point of this (almost always...)

Ok, so at this point in this "test" toot I just now passed 900 characters. Lets see how this turns out...

The whole 900+ toot incl. the decoration image is showing up perfectly both from and , both using #Tusky and #Mastalab Android clients , and also in Firefox and Chromium-based browsers, both on desktop and mobile...

Anything worth knowing about this or is there no 'issues' using #Mastodon #instances that operate outside the normal limits (side effects++?) @Gargron
@tschneider @Vavassor



マストドンつまみ食い日記:サードパーティー製モバイルアプリ、「インスタンス推奨」の動き始まる - ITmedia NEWS


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After a few weeks of suffering and doctor's appointments and other stuff, it seems like my mind is back to somewhat functionality, with working.

I'll be talking with @Gargron today or tomorrow, about the work I've been doing, and if we should sign a new contract. And this is something I'd love to hear your feedback on.

How's do you feel these past 3 months have been, with me on the payroll as Project Manager for #Mastodon ?
All honest and constructive feedback is welcome.

Mastodon commercialisation もっと見る

Japanese article on #Mastodon I just found. I wish I had a better translation, but this is pretty hilarious.

I keep getting this weird error on my instance "OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError: SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed"

any #mastodon experts want to help?

ポチるつもりが無かったのですが、サンプル読んで気が変わりました。それは~ 【書評】楽しく思い出す「マストドンつまみ食い日記」 #Mastodon #マストドン #読書ムトー)は鎖国機能導入したようですね。もしかしてm.toでのリモートフォローに関してサービス管理者がm.toインスタンス管理してる人関係なしにすでに何かしら制限かけてるのですかね? #mastodon #マストドン


Want to help improve the instance picker at ?

There are two ways of doing so,
Update your instance' info:

And give general feedback here, just remember to read the other responses first:

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【速報】マストドン「1.4.7」公開 - マストドン速報(beta) #マストドン #mastodon


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