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マストドン「1.4.5」及び「1.4.6」公開 - マストドン速報(beta) #マストドン #mastodon

It is here, the Instance Picker!
You can help your friends find a home on #Mastodon, by directing them to two places.

If you also want to provide them information about what Mastodon is, is the place

If you want to just help them pick an instance, @TheKinrar 's instance picker can be found at

And a feedback thread is here:

Pixiv launches Pawoo Music, a #Mastodon instance dedicated to music, mostly for independant artists.

- Music upload (audio+picture) with automatic tag detection
- Plays media with audio in timelines
- YouTube integration
- Docked player with playlists
- All improvements (local timeline preview on homepage, media timelines)

I just checked it and it's AMAZING.

poke @Gargron :]

Stuff that is cool in #Mastodon v.1.4.2:

- Ability to delete your own account
- Ability to move, pin, unpin columns
- A million bugfixes
- To be honest I don't understand a lot of those new features

👌 Great work, chap.ette.s! :)

#Mastodon v1.4.2 released with many important bug fixes as well as features, such as customizing web UI columns and deleting your own account

Upgrade notes:



Everyone working on #Mastodon in some way does so out of the goodness of their nerdy heart. If you are enjoying the fruits of their labor, consider throwing some 💰 their way!




@Vavassor :

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🐘 Toot How-To: Intro To #Mastodon:

On my blog:

On Medium:

Thanks everyone for your feedback! You can link to this, share, translate it however you like, etc. Just link me. 😘

Regarding the popularity of #mastodon :
I believe hosting companies are playing here a vital role

WordPress has grew to be a large part of the internet - greatly facilitated by one-click-installs provided by hosting company.

I think in today day and age where so much #OSS tools are available we should see more hosting company dedicated to provide one-click instal for #mastodon but also rocketchat, nextcloud, etc


▼Twitterそっくりな #Mastodon🐘クライアントを作った。Webクライアント制作でハマったことなど by @neet
cc: @Gargron

In the 1.4 Roadmap we had the feature "patch-notes modal", but it did not come to fruition. One of the problems: we had not figured out how to do it in a simple way.

So we are now opening up the discussion for two ways of doing it, 1. as simple as possible. 2. bit more fancy with translations etc.

Wanna help with fleshing this feature out? Head over to the discourse:

#Mastodev #mastodon

Would another venue of supporting #Mastodon be welcome?
Would #OpenCollective or #LiberaPay be something a lot of you users are missing in order to support the project?

We've started a discussion thread where we want to hear, which one you'd lean towards, and weighing pros and cons of the two services.

Roadmap for 1.5, has been aptly named "Admin Love".
Hope you will all like what's in store!

#mastodon #roadmap #meta #discourse #mastodev

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#Announcement #Mastodon

@Gargron is taking a few days off. Payday refers to 1 of the Month, since that is when pledges go through.

This is his first real vacation days since early April, if not longer, so let's help him out. By not talking to him tomorrow!

And help us get closer to our stretch goal so we can pay more staff, I realize it says Community Manager, but this is subject to change:


And on to the news, our latest release!!
1.4.1 (1.4) is finally live \o/
Some of the goodies?
* DMs are more visible
* Untag yourself from conversations
* Users can mute instances
* Language filters for Local/federated timeline
* Media gallery view on profiles
* new art by @dopatwo

read more here:

#Mastodon #Updates #announcement #mastodev